What? I promised that I’d blog *every* week? What was I thinking?

Because I promised that I’d try to blog weekly, and because I have so many dedicated fans (ahem, cough, sputter etc. ad nauseam) here I am, after having remembered back on Thursday that I’d said this, back when I actually had something to say but opted to knit instead. And now, not much to say. It was a challenging week that started with me up early Sunday, not for church but to make a 37 hour turnaround/1248 mile trip from home to Shreveport, Louisiana and back. I’m still exhausted and would desperately love a massage but can’t afford one. Heating pad it is.

Oooh! Look! Roving! Handdyed yarn! Handspun yarns! (Attempted diversionary tactic.)

DSC01390 DSC01453 - Copy DSC01474 - Copy DSC01547

And so, honestly, I have nothing to say of value that would add to the collective wisdom of the world. Perhaps tomorrow.


~ by perchance2knit on February 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “What? I promised that I’d blog *every* week? What was I thinking?”

  1. OK – keep blogging – miss you – pippa

  2. Ok, let me try again – you have energy and computer “knouse” [knowledge in England]. I love your writing style, although my aging eyes had to enlarge stuff [don’t do too well with white on black] I enjoyed every word. I try not to make promises on my blog – too easy to break, but I’m trying to get some ideas in line – Pippa’s tips and tricks – so I have things to draw from. Sometimes it just takes getting started. Keep blogging my friend – how come we lost touch?

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