I just have to wonder sometimes…

…and then sometimes, I don’t.

For those who still occasionally drop by here, a short update on my peripatetic journey. I remain in the Atlanta area, home to beautiful weather (for the most part) and the worst air quality in the country (go figure.) Living with my brother and his beautiful wife, the three boys and several sweet dogs, I am blessed to be here and yet still a little off balance. Our living situation hearkens back several generations past, where a maiden aunt might have lived with other family and helped out with child care and laundry and cleaning and cooking…hey! That’s what I do. For now, it’s working and I am appreciative. The way I got here is pretty well documented in posts going back to August 2009, which will not be rehashed here and now.

In December I flew to Detroit with my oldest nephew, rented a very.big.truck (adding that to my list of life skills now: can drive big box trucks) and made for the west side of the state to ransom my belongings from the storage unit where they had been residing for FAR too long. The garage is now home to much of that. It’s been too cold to get in there and actually do much, but I’ve been able to pull all my dyeing equipment/dyes/stash yarn from the bins (mostly) and set up a dye studio in the basement. Now if I could only afford the base yarn! (Just kidding. -ish. I actually had some left, which is now in my Etsy shop in glorious color.)

My brother, who’s been self-employed most of his adult life (successfully, I should add) has been part of a networking group here locally for quite some time. It meets on Wednesdays at 8am. Not my favorite time to be up, dressed, functional and social. But two weeks ago I decided I should get up and go and so did. Wow! What an amazing group of people! And it was that very meeting that made me realize just how much I’ve crawled under a rock for these last three-plus years. Shut down most social outreach. Although I can be found on Facebook, I seldom post anything. I’m on Ravelry and have a group that daughter Kate-the-Great set up years ago (more on her in a moment) but have only been there to update the divorce situation and explain why I’m not there. I’ve got a Twitter account, but can count the number of times I’ve tweeted in two years on all my extremities (with a few left over.) Just kidding. It would take two extra hands to do this. All these beautiful photos on flickr that no one sees. I even have a Pinterest page. And then I wonder why my business has been so…not there. Not growing.

Once upon a time I had a blog. My own domain. And for the sake of time and money, well, more properly, out of irritation at the amount of time I had to spend fiddling with html and photos and stuff (…sidenote: much easier these days) just blew it away one November evening when I was in a foul mood and it was up for renewal. Felt like I had nothing of value to add to the conversation. And then things went downhill as I bounced from one blogging platform to another, which, of course, is how I wound up here on WordPress, because I knew I had to stop somewhere. (For $18/year I can have this as my own domain. Sezso right over the top of this draft. And I’ll let you know when it happens.) So, fwiw, I’m here, at least until I can come up with $18 in disposeable income. 😉

:::I totally should NOT have posted the links to my old blogs. I just lost 1.5 hours rereading old posts. Life was a little more idyllic 8+ years ago, even the knitting and spinning part of it, back when it was all new:::

Anyway. My sweet Kate. She acakend USAF hubby (married EIGHT years in July! How did this happen?!?) are in Texas now, and parents to two of the most wonderful, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, clever, gorgeous, loving, amazing grandchildren a gushing Nana could ask for. My Danny, who was but a newborn mere hours ago will be FIVE in May. Fiona was born a Texan by accident back in late September. I miss them more than I have words to say. My own baby boy, Nick, mChubberly!arried his childhood sweetheart Miescha (the beautiful girl who worked for me several summers when things were good) in January last year. He is USN and stationed on the west coast. I’m not sure how I’m gonna get there, but before they PCS them somewhere else I need to visit. They had a wedding for their 6 month anniversary (not really, but that’s how it worked out) and I haven’t seen them since. :::dramatic sigh::: I miss my kids.

I’m going to try to blog at least once a week. I seem to recall that once upon a time there was fairly lively discourse at my blog site, that we had a lot of fun, and even though I didn’t always think so, it appears that I might actually have had some things to say. No promises, but I will try. Thanks for stopping in.

Next up: Online dating. WTF?


~ by perchance2knit on February 2, 2013.

3 Responses to “I just have to wonder sometimes…”

  1. Welcome back – and should you ever want to revisit Northern Michigan, we have a place for you – the FROG [Finished Room Over Garage] is a good space [except in June/July when it tends to be full of fly fishermen, rod builders and the like]. It’s my “studio” – a little pretentious, but it is somewhere to keep my stash and my stuff, and a quiet place to enjoy.
    As Jan said – I lust after your colors – what a great turn of phrase.
    As for a “maiden aunt” she used to be called a spinster, because that is what she did – and in pioneering days she had to keep her hands soft to spin, so no scrubbing floors, laundry, etc. Remember that!

  2. I love that you’ve got a new post up! Thanks for the update and the pics! You are ALWAYS welcome to stay with us (while there’s room, he he) if you make it to the West Coast to visit ;-). I can promise you your boy and his Beloved are doing very well, as we’ve gotten to see them since they’ve been here a few times. They are planning to come help at baby #2’s birth later this year, exciting for all of us! Love you and miss you! ❤

  3. I continue to lust after your colors! It is wonderful to ‘hear’ from you.

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