Ravelry and Facebook…it’s their fault I don’t blog anymore.

I like Facebook. I have enjoyed catching up with some old friends, being reminded of birthdays and being able to quickly post a salutation, getting exciting news of family events almost as they’re happening, learning new things I never thought I’d need to know from pages I’ve ‘Liked’ for one reason or another.

And I love Ravelry. The last three projects I knit came directly from the amazing collection of free patterns. I’ve found obscure yarns in someone else’s stash that were exactly the color and dyelot I needed to finish a project. I was walked through the agony of my divorce by the totally amazing and incredible women of the Casting Off group. And although I belong to more than 40 groups I only really read and post in two or three, which I suspect, is more common than most Ravelers would admit, simply because if we checked all the groups every day the laundry would never get done, we’d be out of food, and sleep would be a nonissue.

But it would seem that both Facebook and Ravelry appear to take up a lot of my time. So I’m blaming Facebook and Ravelry for why I haven’t posted in this blog for :::a lot::: more than an entire year. Which is not to say that that they’re actually guilty, only that I’m blaming them.

Whirlwind catchup:

  • Left my home in Grayling, MI to move in with son in Greenville MI, 1/2010
  • Left Greenville MI to move in with daughter and son-in-law and grandson in Bossier City, LA, 6/2010
  • Lived in Louisiana through the hottest summer on record in many decades, without a/c in my car.
  • Left Bossier City, LA to move in with my brother and his three young sons in Dallas, GA, 11/2011
  • Wondering what’s next in store as my brother is getting married 6/1/2012
  • Still here in Dallas, 2/2013, have a small dye studio set up in the basement and all my stuff is here now. Feels homey.

I have possessions in three states one and a half states. Most of my household belongings remain in a (rather ridiculously expensive) storage unit in Grand Rapids, MI (go figure…) I have my dyes and swift and electric skeinwinder with me now, and a dye studio in the basement! And due to the undeserved kindness of someone with whom I’ve done business for many years, I’ve been able to dye a little sock yarn and some MRHP laceweight. My Etsy shop, which has been closed for months is open again. I have a few pounds of roving on the way to me to be dyed. I’ve got three (no! Four!) custom dye orders in the works. I didn’t expect thing to happen as they have, but God works in mysterious ways and I’m just marvelling at how He’s orchestrating things in my life.

The kids. My nephews, 8, 9, and 14. It certainly wasn’t in my plan to be dealing with school-aged kids on a daily basis again…I’m a NANA, for cryin’ out loud! But there they are and here I am and so far it’s working out. My brother likes to call me his ‘au pair’ which amuses me to no end as there is simply nothing about me that fits the definition, but it pleases him, so. Okay. 😉 Plus, he cooks dinner. In fact, I haven’t had to cook dinner hardly at all since leaving Michigan, because Kate did all the cooking when I lived in Louisiana. It’s quite a treat. (I dust and vacuum, I do laundry, and I’ve been known to pick up the slack with the dirty dishes from time to time. But NO cooking. I’m delighted.)

The family news: another baby for my Kate, due in early October. She and Mike and Danny are still stationed in Bossier City, LA at Barksdale Air Force Base. Marriage for Nick and Miescha, 6/30. Nick (now in the Navy!) is stationed in California near San Diego. I’m in Georgia. How did this happen? My little family, all cozy and close, now spread all over the US? I find myself wishing sometimes that they were still young.

What’s new? Not much, save for I started this on April 1 and now it’s the 15th.  So now, like always it seems, I will push the POST button without adding anything more to this because if I don’t it’ll be June. Or July. Or 2013 before I finally post it.

To all y’all who are still with me here, love and hugs!


~ by perchance2knit on April 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ravelry and Facebook…it’s their fault I don’t blog anymore.”

  1. Susie, I just got the chance to read this post today, 6/5/12. I think we don’t get to have an on-going relationship with anyone until Heaven.

    My grand-daughter was born 3/24; got to visit with her for less than two hours a day later; haven’t seen her since and don’t know when I will. She lives two hours away.

    I was thinking of your place in Grayling and how peaceful it seemed…

    Love you and miss you.

  2. Hey sweetie, always good to hear from you….here, or on Facebook. Life sure does work in strange ways. You sound chipper and upbeat, in spite of kidlets being far away from you. Makes the get-togethers all the more special.

  3. So glad to see an update from you! 🙂 Miss you.

  4. Glad to hear an update. I “see” Robin on FB all the time, but had no idea you were “au pair-ing”! lol. The NO cooking would make that a very good deal in my book!

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