Oh, no, where does the time go? Take 2.

I seem to have had my train of thought derailed. I was getting ready to write and post the next segment of the Cautionary Tale, when time simply slid right past me. The whole month of February, in fact. And were it not for some diligence on my part (finally!) March might just be going the same way as well.

It’s exceedingly beautiful in Shreveport at this time of year. The temperature and humidity are user-friendly, the trees are in bloom, though not with allergy-inducing pollens (yet) and I can get outside and walk without heat prostration (that starts to happen in about 5 or 6 weeks, though.) All in all, a wonderful time of year.


Things are moving forward on the divorce front. After Scott left in August of 2009, things settled down and we just sort of lived life in different states…like, a state of confusion perhaps, a state of disinterest…of boredom. In any event, all was quiet. Until January 2011.

It seems he’s met someone, is in love and wants to get married. Told me that she’s beautiful, wonderful, the woman of his dreams…I’m not entirely sure why he had this conversation with me, about his 6 hour phone calls lasting late into the night, about spending the night at her house (uh huh) and more. Why would you tell your wife those things?

I suppose to make sure she understands that you’re really asking for a divorce.

And that’s where things went awry. But that’s a tale that won’t be told until, as they say, the shoutin’s all done. I promise to spill as much as I can and still keep my PG-13 rating. 😉


I’ve been thinking about a new skin for this blog. D’ya suppose it’d help me post more often? Nah, me neither. I’m going to try out something different I think, just for fun. Watch this space here. [_] (Just kidding.)


Daniel’s growing so fast, his vocabulary seems to be doubling almost weekly, he’s not yet 3 but wearing size 4T and 5T because he’s so tall. Morphing into Daddy’s boy except for bed time and booboos. (He calls Mike ‘Dats’. It’s too stinkin’ cute.)


Nick’s taking passed the PST for US Navy SEALs this morning! I’m incredibly proud of him. He’s had a dream of serving in the military since he was young.   :::scratches head:::  But it’s his dream and he’s gone after it hard and fast. He’s going to jump ranks, if I know my boy. He’s a hard worker and got some ambition too.


Put all the yarn in my Etsy shop on sale for 20% off for a while…Spring break sale, perhaps. Enjoy!


Clicking ‘Publish right now, or this will sit in the ‘Drafts’ pile until April or worse. Ciao!


~ by perchance2knit on March 2, 2011.

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