Sometimes an ordinary day is a good thing.

I’ve been listening to The Daily Audio Bible for about 8 months now. It resets on 1/1, and  reads through the Bible online in a year. I mean, it’s read by someone, out loud. It’s grown into a world-wide community with forums and mission outreaches and now, a WindFarm coffee house in SpringHill, TN. After my family and friends (and in their absence) I can turn to my DAB online family and friends for more spiritual strength and support. Just threw that out there for those of you who might be interested. You can even listen in Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish (sometimes I do this just because…) with more languages coming on board shortly.

After coffee and the Word, I try to get in a bit of exercise. My knee has been a mess for more than 14 months (no insurance = no ortho/no cortisone shots/continued swelling and pain.) So in lieu of running and the gym, I’ve been pulling up Billy Blanks on YouTube and getting a good 30 minutes of mainly cardio, then switching over to free weights. Sometimes, just hauling around the 36 pound two-year-old is workout enough.

I’ve been baking regularly again. We’ve had good, healthy oatmeal/honey/whole wheat bread daily. This week I tried a cinnamon/raisin loaf. Nommy.

Trying to get my 2011 planner in order. There’s always so much to transfer over from the previous year, y’know? I’m awful about birthdays anymore. It seems as though FB’s reminder has taken the place of a card for many of us, though it’s better than forgetting or overlooking, right?

I switched insurance companies and saved more than $200/6 months. I feel like a freakin’ commercial just saying that, so I’m not telling either company. But saving that much money is a good thing.

Knitting…I’ve gotta finish the things that are languishing in bags and bins. I have roving to dye but no dye. I’ve quit looking at yarn because I simply can’t afford it. Trying to knit with what’s here. (My stash remains in a storage unit in Michigan. Very sad.)

Working on keeping the cheerful side up. It’s been 18 months since he left and I thought I’d passed through most of the stages of misery, but it appears that divorce is completely different, despite a long separation. Not happy about this.

:::off to investigate the source of shrieking in the kitchen. Hugs to all:::


~ by perchance2knit on January 4, 2011.

One Response to “Sometimes an ordinary day is a good thing.”

  1. Oh, honey. I just searched for you on a whim because I love your yarn, purchased previously via the Loopy Ewe. Had no idea you were going through so much. ((((HUGS!!!))))

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