So I was wrong about that last post.

He asked for a divorce tonight. It was like proposing in reverse, except less romantic. And there were bad words said.

I seem to recall posting about this back in August of 2009. Nothing changed, we just hung there in the balance until Christmas when he met someone and wants to be able to have guilt-free sex. So I told him to go file. He started to give me all sorts of rationale, mostly to make sure I understood that it was my fault that he was asking. (wtf?)

I politely but firmly told him he had spoken the conversation ender and there was nothing more to say, and if he didn’t want the sound of my hung-up phone in his ear, he should stop talking and hang up.

No idea what will happen next. Stay tuned!


~ by perchance2knit on January 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “So I was wrong about that last post.”

  1. U will be in my thoughts … I just had my youngest 3 months ago … and his father is like this … 😦

    • I am so, so sorry for this. My sister went through a divorce when her youngest was but five months old, and she had three others (13, 8 and 3) as well. If you need some support in what you’re going through, I will be happy to give her your email. She MADE IT…the youngest is now 15, the oldest two are through college, the next going right now. She has a lot of help and encouragement to offer…

  2. Oh goodness – as if divorce isn’t awful enough, bad words too?

    I’m sorry to hear that — maybe this will be a year of clearing away negatives in your life? Making more room for the good you have coming your way?

    We’ll hope so.
    |Stay strong!

  3. Oh wow, I’m so sorry.

  4. I think your soon to be ex is related to my ex. Mine blamed our divorce on me despite the fact that he was the one caught cheating.

    I’m glad your soon-to-be-ex asked for a divorce. Divorce is very freeing. You deserve to know that freedom and to fully embrace your new life.

    Stay strong.

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