2011. I hope you come bearing gifts.

I don’t think anything will top the misery that was 2009. I’m still jostling around with all the moves I made in 2010. So what does this new year have in store? I’m hoping for good things because even though I try to come off sounding like I’m tough and disaffected, I’m really an optimist at heart.

Happy New Year!


~ by perchance2knit on December 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “2011. I hope you come bearing gifts.”

  1. I miss you, Sharon. Thank you for being there. muah!

  2. Count me among your 3 or 4 readers still left. 🙂 I suspect that is a low estimate, although the heady days of blogging do seem to have been usurped by Facebook. It’s good to see your optimism still shining through. Take care, friend.

  3. Thank you, sweetpea. You’re always such a compassionate encourager to me. I’m so grateful you didn’t desert me (though I certainly deserved it!)

    Hope today is the start of the most wonderful, amazing, blessed year of my life, and that, x2 for you!

  4. hi! Happy New Year! I am so glad to see you back here in the blogosphere. I missed you and wondered and worried about you. You made more moves than should be required of anyone in 2010. Hope your 2011 will be more calm, more settled, and include more fiber adventures!

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