So. Knitting. I have found some pictures! Yes! Actual pictures of knitting!

…but you’d never think so by looking at this blog, right? I added a photo of the hats we knitted for my brother and kids into the post where I blogged about it. I felt a bit ignorant posting about my no-photo-show when I realized, once again, how easy WordPress makes it for the amateur blogger to insert pictures and resize them, move them around inside the post..that sort of stuff. So today, it’s picture time.

I mentioned knitting a Cashmere hat for my niece Paula? This took less than 95 yards of aran weight 100% Cashmere yarn on size 9, 16″  HiyaHiya circs. I cast on 90 stitches, fwiw, ribbed for a bit, then knit until it looked like I should put in a few rows of yo/k2tog for ventilation (she does live in Florida, after all) and then knit to 7.25″, began decreases until the stitches were almost gone…pretty simple actually. Turns out she’s been in NYC this week, playing tourist and enjoying the massive amount of snow the city got. PS: she’s wearing the hat in all her outdoor pictures.

I’m sure I mentioned somewhere (prolly the hat post, right?) that I knit matching hats for Mike and Danny. For the  life of me I cannot remember what this stuff is. Wait. I’m going to go look at pictures and see if I can finger it…hang on a sec…

O hai! I was gone for about 40 minutes strolling down memory lane via Picasa. Sorta got lost in the pictures of handspun yarn and stuff.  So anyway, here are the hats. It’s an acrylic/wool, machine washable bend, self striping, came in a huuuge skein (I got another hat and some mitts from the skein as well.)  Any guesses?

Back when I was still in Michigan, I bought a few sample wool base yarns, dyed them up, and sold all but one skein which I kept for myself  (it’s a right and privilege for those who dye for others.) (I just made that up, but, right? It should be.) It hung around being muse-like until one day I spotted a pattern in a Yarn Forward mag and began knitting. It will ultimately be a beret or a slouch hat, but for now, it’s just kinda cute. I didn’t exactly expect the striping but okay. I did learn that single ply wool has a tendency to pill like mad. Use caution in knitting with this stuff for anything other than accessories. Just sayin’.

This is the last knitting photo tonight because I remembered why I don’t like putting pictures in WordPress blog posts: the words don’t wrap. They skew the photos all over the place and I have to play around with moving and previewing to see if it’s going to look wonky or normal.

This yarn is not mine. I mean, I didn’t dye it. An amazing Etsy handdyer did. She wasn’t happy with how it came out (!?!?!?!) and so sold it for way too little money (I almost felt bad. For a moment.) Two skeins, each about 450 yards, on louet gems yarn base, selfstriping, and more than enough for a hat and/or cowl when the mittens are done (one grafting and two thumbs.) I got it for twenty bucks plus shipping.  :::happy dance:::

So maybe I can get the spinning yarn pictures into a different post? Remains to be seen.


~ by perchance2knit on December 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “So. Knitting. I have found some pictures! Yes! Actual pictures of knitting!”

  1. I like your choice of words. Emailing you now.

  2. Did you graduate Sparta about the same time I did? You seem… familiar?
    Just a wonderin’
    class of 1973

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