My stats tell me…

…that there have actually been some people poking around in here lately. I’ve no clue if y’all were actually looking to see whether I’d passed on, or if those were just random hits, but by golly, there were people here, and I feel like I ought to post a little something just in case they come back.

Howdy, dear ones. Thank you for caring and coming looking for me. I’ve really not been much of anywhere for so long.

But I have finally lit. Tonight finds me in a small bedroom in my son’s house, in a little town outside of Grand Rapids. Two weeks ago Nick and Miescha and Alex (son, son’s gf, adopted son) brought a huge UHaul truck and trailer and moved all my furniture and most of my belongings out of my house and over to his. I spent a week rather monastically, sleeping on the floor and eating out of one bowl with one pot and one mug. It was very…well, I want to say something meaningful here, but actually, it was just weird.

The following Sunday, Nick and Miescha arrived to move the rest of me. To my surprise (and theirs) the spartan existence I’d been living wasn’t actually so, and though we shoehorned things into every available space in both cars, stuff was left behind. Fortunately, circumstances allow for me to leave things there for a while.

I rented out the house for just enough to cover my expenses. The family who’ll be living there is young and growing and excited about living in a house where they can paint the walls. They want to buy it, and when they can qualify for a mortgage, I’ll sell it to them for just enough to cover my expenses. (There’s a long story there. Don’t make me tell it.)

So the stbx is living on the east side of the state with his mother and I’m living on the west side of the state with our son. We’re still married. Can’t be avoided at this point. Insurance is a sucky thing. I found out this summer what my medications cost without insurance. Until I have a job that provides it, we remain. ‘S’okay. He is on the side of the state…

Maggie (the dog) has had a rough summer. First, I brought a small person (Daniel) into the house. Danny loved to ‘ride’ on her and pull her tail and she didn’t mind mostly because he tossed all his food to the floor for her. There were four cats in the house all summer. Now, there are none. (No, we didn’t kill them. They went home.) (Different homes.) All her life she’s been let out the back door without a collar, lead or leash, and allowed to run and roam to her heart’s content, with about 100 acre range. Now, she has a collar (pretty! pink!) a leash (pretty! purple!) and a long, long tieout lead in the backyarn that she’s constantly having to be rescued from as she winds it around bushes and gets it caught on snow. (I know. That doesn’t seem likely, right? Photograph needed here…) She goes for walks twice a day, regardless of the weather. I’m getting pretty good exercise, now that I’ve found my sneakers, as I try to run part of the way with her. She ain’t likin’ it. Not one bit. Well, maybe the walking part…a little.

Today I had to make a run up north for a doctor’s appointment. My doctor, she is wonderful. I’d drive a whole lot more than the 300 mile roundtrip to keep her, too. After seeing her, I ran up to the house, met up with the lovely young lady who’ll be living there (she’s painting. The house looks totally different,) who helped me once again shoehorn stuff into the car (I drove with an Areca Palm in the passenger seat. I had to brush back the fronds to see out the rearview mirror. It was like driving through a jungle. Sorta.) And there’s still stuff left at the house. They’ve sectioned off a few shelves in the garage for my things until I come with enough vehicular room to remove it all. I’m pretty sure we won’t be needing the air conditioners for a while…

I got the important stuff, anyway. I have all my dyes now, my skeiner and drumcarder and both the wheels are here. There’s a lot of stuff still in boxes, but I’m going through them carefully this time, divesting myself of at least 30 percent more stuff than at the last culling. Maybe if I can find the camera I’ll take a picture of the boxes in the basement and post it here. (Just kidding. I know where the camera is…it traveled in my purse.)

I’m knitting! Hats, mostly. I’ve got at least 4 on the needles and every time I sit down I grab one of them. It ain’t fancy, but it’s knitting. I’m doing a little spinning too. There may be pictures edited in later.

So now,  I (try to) figure out my life. This may take a while. I need a job (with good insurance.) I want to go back and finish my masters’ degree (there are a ridiculous amount of colleges within spittin’ distance of here. And if Obama is telling the truth, there might even be a little money available for me to actually go do it.) I want to have my own place. (Getting ahead of myself here…I’m just getting settled in after the last move.) I want to travel. (I mean, really travel. That trip to the Netherlands put fire to my heels.)

I’m not sure if y’all can make much sense of the above, as I’m still working on reassembling my thought processes, so bear with me. And…thanks for coming by.


~ by perchance2knit on January 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “My stats tell me…”

  1. Glad to see you’re making the transition as well as can be expected. We’ll be here, so just check in on US from time to time, so we know you’re ok!

  2. What a remarkable woman you are! The best of everything to you!

  3. I’ve been here, too! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re starting your new life. And I’m very glad that you got the dog. ;D

  4. Hi! Yeah, I was one of the folks checking in to see if you were okay. It sounds like you are making the best of a big upheaval in your life. I am hoping that about the time our finances allow me to dabble in pretty yarn that you will be posting some to sell. No particular hurry – I am patient and my yarn treasury contents will keep me busy for some time… Take care of yourself and be well. Pet the dog for me too.

  5. I was the one coming to your blog! Not only to check, but to show my friend your etsy shop!

    Anyway. I’m glad that things are moving and changing around you. And you know that you can always count on me.

    Love you!

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