So I started this blog and wandered away again…

…pretty typical, wouldn’t you say? It’s been a weird and discomfiting summer and fall. And apparently I missed all of October.

I finally got a huge order of sock yarn off to The Loopy Ewe. It’s not posted (as of today) but will be shortly. I sent 12 skeins times 15 colorways…a whole bunch of work. And now I’m hanking up 15 pounds of laceweight for the dyepot as well. I’ve been invited to do some sockweight yarns for a Ravelry group called Blankie Mania…I’m so honored! And just 5 skeins away from being ready.

I’ve actually done some knitting. I won some handdyed fiber at the fiber fest in West Branch in September…a 60/40 Superwash Merino/Seacell blend. I enjoyed spinning it so much that I immediately plied it up. I had 83 yards of chunky yarn…what to do with it? Knit it into a simple cowl, that’s what! It’s beautiful. The Seacell gives the yarn quite a gleam.

*I have pictures but have completely forgotten how to put them into posts, so I’ll edit this when I finally figure it out again. :::sigh::: That’s what I get for taking long vacations between posts.

**Wait a second! I uploaded the pictures to flickr, and you can see them right next to this post! Technological ineptitude be damned! There they are!

In other news, I’m working on a sweater for Danny…we’ll see if I actually get it finished before it gets to hot again. And I’ve just put a hat for him on the needles…the others I knit last years are all too small. He’s grown so much this summer. And I’m in the midst of crocheting a blankie for him. His other grandmother was Oma-on-the-spot with the knitted items when he was born, but I was Nana-in-the-delivery-room and Nana-rocking-the-newborn-so-mama-can-sleep and never finished anything but the cashmere hat he wore in the hospital. So I’m trying to catch up now. 🙂

Speaking of grandson and daughter, my amazing Kate spent a month looking around online for a house, with her husband (over in Qatar) and a friend in Shreveport who did the legwork of checking the houses out. Last week Kate and Danny flew to Louisiana to close on, and actually see, for the first time, their new home. She’s thrilled, and I’m incredibly proud that my 23 year old daughter orchestrated the entire thing pretty much all by herself. I don’t know if I could have done the same. And it looks like Mike will be home before Christmas…hopefully they will have a wonderful holiday celebration in their new home.

There’s so much more but this has been sitting here in the ‘edit’ mode for a two days now, so here it is. I miss all you guys!

***It just occurred to me that this is November, the NaBloPoMo. And if I had posted this the day I wrote it originally, I might actually have given consideration to participating. Maybe I can try to post once a week?


~ by perchance2knit on November 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “So I started this blog and wandered away again…”

  1. Hope you are well and made it through the holidays (and that there was some fun involved). Can’t help myself – just have to drop by and see if you have returned to the land of the blog posters. Miss you!

  2. It’s so easy to do – the wandering off thing. I do it myself all the time!

    Congrats to Katie and Mike on their new house — so are they closer to you?

    Glad to hear Danny is thriving!

  3. Hi! I hadn’t checked in for a while so it was great to find two posts I hadn’t read. Good to hear you are sending out new yarn. Will you be stocking your shop as well, or just selling through Loopy Ewe? Sounds like things are going all right, in any case. Good luck with that baby sweater – don’t forget how fast they grow!

  4. its ok, your the susie we know and love. 😉 We wouldn’t expect anything different! Its still good to hear from you, and yeah I have some of your sock yarn and I saw the update at the loopy ewe and just now got why you call your sock yarn 24/7. Duh. My children are killing me. brain.
    You know where your super smart daughter figured out how to orchestrate that plan? From her smart momma! Wow that is a lot of work she did! Hope they enjoy their new home : )

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