“What’s new, Susie?” “Oh, not much. I’m getting divorced. What’s new with you?”

How did 25 years slip by, to only now discover that I don’t really know this person I’ve been with all this time?

In the past couple of years, there’s been some knitting and some spinning and a whole lot of dyeing, but the rest has been kinda hard and often unpleasant. There’s been a lot of fighting and unhappiness too. A sold business, a lost job, both kids grown and gone, and two people who don’t have the same view of the future. Turns out we’re best friends who can’t live together.

If you happened to click over here wondering if I’d perished somehow or been kidnapped or something, nothing of the sort has happened. This may be almost as weird, though. I’m going to have to learn to live alone. To work at a 9-5 job and make enough money to support myself. To convince my brother David to send me to Australia so that I can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge before I’m too old. I’m taking some time to actually figure out what I want to be when…and if…I grow up. I’m going to post everything I’ve got in both my shops and have a divorce sale soon.

Thank you all who’ve been so faithful about checking on me. I’m okay…surprisingly. And I hope that this will once again be a fiber blog. That would be nice.


~ by perchance2knit on August 26, 2009.

16 Responses to ““What’s new, Susie?” “Oh, not much. I’m getting divorced. What’s new with you?””

  1. Hello again. Just checking up on you – many of us out here in the blogosphere get concerned when we don’t hear anything. Hope that means you are getting things done that you want to get done and that nothing dire is happening. I keep thinking there will be postings in your shop or something so that I will know you are okay.

    Many hugs and take care. Oh, and Knit On!

  2. Know that you are very much LOVED by ALL, and we welcome you with open arms if you ever feel like you need a change of scenery :). Tis still a quiet little home we hold, and the guest room is *cough* half way there *cough*, hehe. Love you and keep us posted!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that – I wish only the best for you!

  4. ((hugs)) been there and done it. It is scary, and its dark. however its a big self test. Heck, if i can make it you can with flying colors. Your the best susie. You’ll never have to explain anything to anyone again, and living alone isn’t all that bad. You get to eat what you want to eat for dinner, watch what you want to watch and do whatever the hell you want to do.
    Your such a strong person you’ll make it through.

  5. HUGS!!!!!!!

  6. All I can tell you is you will NEVER have to explain a fiber purchase again. Such liberation!! Big hugs, you have many friends that care about you.

  7. Just checked in and found your latest news. So sorry to hear, but having watched other folks in the same place, all I can say is:

    You go, girl!

    and of course,

    Knit on!

    For some Australia related fun, borrow a copy of Bill Bryson’s book “In A Sunburned Country”. I just listened to it on CD – twice through, because it was so much fun.

  8. I’ll survive, if you will!

  9. {{{{hugs}}}} You will get through this.

  10. I am sorry about events that are taking place, but if it means a happier, healthier (mentally/emotionally) you, then it is all good. Take care of you and knit, it soothes the brain!!!

  11. *hugs*

  12. *hughughug*

  13. Oh, no. I am so, so sorry.

    “Iā€™m going to have to learn to live alone. To work at a 9-5 job and make enough money to support myself.”

    You will do it and you will kick some ass doing it. And when you accomplish those things? You will feel so strong and so amazing!

    I know things are probably very dark and scary right now. You will get to the other side. Trust me. And when you do you will discover a whole new life waiting for you. And guess what? It will be wonderful.

  14. (((hugs)))

  15. Hang in there…been there, done that, have the tee shirt…
    There is live after divorce and it can be very very good with the RIGHT person!
    It even makes you a better fiber person…

    • I like the idea of being a better fiber person…perhaps a positive side benefit of a negative situation? Who knows?!

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