…oh where, oh where can I be?

Another post that has spent more than four years in the ‘Drafts’ column. Actually posted on 2 September 2013, but back dated to 7 July 2009, more than likely when I originally wrote it. That was such a strange time…


Written on or about 7 July 2009


It’s been an interesting Spring-into-Summer. First I headed to The Netherlands for a few weeks to visit my brother. Then I headed to Shreveport, Louisiana to help the kids. Mike is now deployed to the Middle East. All their earthly belongings are in a storage unit. Kate and Daniel (and both cats) are here in northern Michigan with us.

Mike’s leaving was difficult. Danny’s at the age where his daddy is his world, and when he didn’t come home for the duration of our time in Louisiana, he was pretty unhappy, especially at the times he had come to expect Mike to walk through the door. Danny’s been valiant though, and getting to see his daddy on MSN Messenger occasionally helps.

The moving was nuts. Before he left, Mike had taken most of the largest furniture to the storage unit. But, surprise! There’s always more to pack and move than you think. We packed stuff in large boxes to UPS back to Michigan. We packed boxes…and boxes…and just when Kate thought that she’d not need any more boxes…well, you know…

By Thursday, June 25th we moved to a motel for the night, thinking that we’d be leaving in the morning after a get-together breakfast with Kate and Danny’s friends. After breakfast at IHOP we all headed to the apartment where, it turns out, Kate wound up shipping three more boxes to Michigan (we couldn’t fit another Kleenex into my car at that point) and running to the storage unit with stuff again and again. Kate moved most of the apartment by herself. Because I’m her mommy, I was worried about her (note here that it was about 104F daily,) but she was amazing.

Finally, around 2pm we were ready to depart. It was bittersweet for Kate, knowing that she was leaving the home where she’d brought Daniel to, where they’d finally settled for more than a year…but it was good too, in that all the money that they’d been paying for rent will accumulate toward a downpayment on a house of their own when Mike returns in 6 months.

The trip back took 3 full days. Danny was remarkable, only finally having one meltdown and that just an hour from our final stop. The driver and navigator were both exhausted and spent far too much time singing Gymboree songs (to avert meltdown on the part of the small person.) The cats were surprisingly mellow…the carrier they were in was large enough for about 9 cats, so they had plenty of room to stretch and get away from each other.

Meantime, things are now exciting at my house. There are four cats and a dog (we have 1370 square feet total) and three adults along with our very busy baby. He has a penchant for the dog’s water, putting his hands in it as often as he can slip away without detection, putting assorted objects in it as he sees fit. The poor dog is longsuffering, tolerating the small person’s curious proclivity, but just barely, as it is summer.


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