…and then I wasn’t in Louisiana anymore.

Several weeks of hanging in Shreveport with my kids and grandson…fun, but terribly hot and sticky. Still, I mushed through, thanks to the godsend of air conditioning. No knitting or spinning to speak of, but I brought with me from Michigan the whole tub of unposted yarns (and a few rovings.) Pictures were taken, some color correction and resizing done, a couple posted in my shop. A LOT of time with Daniel in my arms. I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

However, after a couple of weeks I figured they’d had enough of my company for a while, so I called my sister in Atlanta. It’s in the South, right? Couldn’t be that far from Shreveport, right? Straight through on I20, right? Off I headed. Right.

Just fyi, it’s about 625 miles, or roughly half the distance from Northern Michigan to Shreveport. Imagine my surprise when I was still driving after 11 hours. Perhaps a quick peek at a map, or maybe even a glimpse at Mapquest might have alerted me to the fact that I would spend an entire day driving each way. I drove across almost all of Louisiana, all the way across Mississippi, all the way across Alabama, and a goodly distance into Georgia. Waved to all the knitters/spinners/Ravelers in each state as I passed by. :::waves:::

No matter. I’m here now, in one of my most favorite places to be. (I love my sisters’ homes…they feel like my own home only bigger and I don’t have to vacuum.) We spent yesterday afternoon in a huge antique exhibition hall (two halls, actually. Huge.) I had no idea that there was so much old stuff to be had. Patty (my sister) has a fabulously well appointed home and she knows a lot about a lot of antique stuff (I was clueless but more educated about some of the stuff by the time we left.) Today I got to sleep in. It’s a lot like vacation.

It occurred to me that I never posted a picture of Danny here. He’s grown so much. At 13 months (I know! How did that happen?) he’s walking everywhere, working on talking and busting through a whole bunch of teeth. What a doll. I did the Nana thing and bought him a popcorn popper. After attempting to use it as a battering ram, he was persuaded that it was actually and could be used as a toy. Maybe.

There’s more, but once again, if I don’t hit the ‘Post’ button immediately…y’all know what happens then.
:::off to knit:::

~ by perchance2knit on June 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “…and then I wasn’t in Louisiana anymore.”

  1. I just happened to unearth a package from the fiber stash that said, “spin me, I sparkle!” and I realized how long it’s been since I stopped by. Hi! I’m glad that all you travels are going so well (driving distances notwithstanding…). Such a cute picture of the little one! How on earth did he get so big???

  2. omgoodness! he is just too sweet! Have a great time with your sister

  3. Have a good time with your sister. Danny is adorable!

  4. Good to hear from you! Hope you’re enjoying Atlanta. Isn’t it hot there, too, though?

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