The stats tell the story…

Y’all have been busy! Big thanks to everyone who hasn’t forgotten to vote just because the contest is over. Thank you. Scott’s maintaining a fairly strong hold on first/second place because you keep voting. It’s a surprise every morning when I turn on my computer and see the numbers creeping up. Did I say thank you? Okay. Thanks!

Now, as to why I’ve been off the blog…Scott has the flu. Real flu. Not the ‘I had the flu for three days’ or ‘I had stomach flu’…no, he’s got the real thing. Influenza, the 10-14 days of freezing, sweating, aching, hacking, shaking, headache-y influenza misery. And I’ve been trying to be a good wife and take care of him. (Good luck, eh? Can’t keep him still.) His doctor told him he was off work until *at least* next Monday. He’s not taking it well.

But I think he IS getting better. Is cranky a sign of recovery?

So. I’ve been trying to get things posted in both shops. I have a bucket full of handspun yarns that I’ve weighed, reskeined and measured, tagged, photographed and readied for posting. Destash knitting books too. Eventually. There are new yarns in PTK and some new rovings in PTS with more to post in each.

So, yeah. Not dead yet, not off the grid, still appreciating all you wonderful folk. Hopefully there’ll be a wonderful post here someday soon.

With pictures…


~ by perchance2knit on March 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “The stats tell the story…”

  1. I wanted to let you know I got my yarn yesterday and I just love it. I’m still voting daily!

  2. Yes crabbiness is a sign of getting better! At least its a normal sign that a guy is getting better. Crabbiness for me means I just coming down with something. 🙂
    I’m voting like mad! Does it help that I have 4 computers in the house. 😉

  3. Oh no! I hope that Scott is doing better now. I hear this flu is a bad one. Here’s hoping that he is OK with following doctor’s orders and resting up. It’s nothing to mess with. Also hope that you are remembering to take care of yourself. It’s easy to forget that when you are worried about someone else, but you don’t want to get worn out and susceptible to the bug yourself. (End of nagging…I promise!)

    And congrats again on keeping hold of the 1st/2nd place slots!

  4. Voted twice today! Sorry about the flu. Two weeks ago I got the other mump. Fifty years ago I got the first one.

  5. I do my best to vote every day for you all. I got my yarn yesterday and it is gorgeous!!!! Thank you!!! Now to decide what to make out of it. I keep staring at it trying to will it to speak to me, but it’s fiber is sealed. I am sure it will open up and speak once it gets comfortable here. Just wait until it sees all the other yarns it has to play with in my stash, I am sure it will have a good time hanging out until it tells me what to knit it into. 🙂

    Hope Scott feels better soon. Poor guy and poor you for having to try and wrangle a sick man.

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