A curious request. And a contest. 4real.

This has not a thing to do with knitting or fiber or anything like that. Okay…it sort of does. In a roundabout contest-y sort of way.

If you’re a NASCAR fan, wave your hands in the air!

Thanks. Now why did I ask y’all to do that?

Dh is a rabid NASCAR fan. He especially likes the commercials. Turns out that Quaker State has been sponsoring this thing where people send in video clips about their commute, then people vote on them. You can vote once per computer per day until race day. That means that you can vote once every day from now until race day. (Did I make that clear? )

It would be so cool to see him on national TV. I filmed it while he walked out to the car. So…if I give you a link, will you go vote? Five thumbs up will give him five votes. If I asked you to only vote for him, that probably wouldn’t be fair, because some of the ones with the most votes really are good. I guess, vote your conscience. 🙂

Go vote. Come back here and let me know that you voted (I trust you all…) Leave a comment telling me that you did, and who your favorite driver is. You can vote every day until they take it down from the site. Every time you vote and comment, you’ll get your name in a contest to be picked at random for a skein of Rainbow Black sock yarn. The more times you vote and comment, the more chances you have at winning the sock yarn. In the event of a tie…well…there just might be two skeins of sock yarn. I also have 5.7 ounces of Rambouillet roving dyed in Rainbow, in the event that one winner would rather spin than knit.

Was that confusing? Okay. Here’s the link to the site. You have to scroll down and find ‘Scott Grougan, Grayling MI’. watch the 18 second clip, then click on the thumbs (hopefully the 5th one for all 5…) That qualifies you for one shot at the yarn. Each day. As of this moment he has 262 votes. The next one he has to beat has 417.  (Thanks for voting!)

And then, if we’re lucky, we’ll watch the race (this week? Next week? I’m not sure…I’ll find out though) and see this clip during the commercials. YAY! and then the following week, one or two of you will be watching the race and knitting socks with Rainbow Black sock yarn. Or spinning some Rambouillet Rainbow roving.

GO! Vote! Comment! Win!

ETA: If you voted yesterday, you can vote (and comment) again today…another shot at the yarn. If you voted today, you can vote again tomorrow.  Because of your help, Scott has moved from 9th place to 7th place. (WOOT!!!) Thanks to all who have and all who will.


~ by perchance2knit on February 24, 2009.

15 Responses to “A curious request. And a contest. 4real.”

  1. I have voted everyday. He’s soooo close!!! Even the 2nd place prize is pretty cool, right? (I know NOTHING about NASCAR)

  2. I voted for him today (Friday).

  3. He’s got my vote and I’ll keep voting. I watch the races from time to time and my dad is a rabid NASCAR fan. 🙂

  4. hiya. voted again today!

  5. Voted 2x today. 1 on each computer for a total of 10 thumbs. Hope it helps.

  6. I voted again today. I hope he wins, good luck!

  7. I will vote everyday my sis. pls enter me in the contest just love your yarn and making a pair of socks for patty with your yarn and she saw it yesterday and loves it.

  8. I voted! We don’t get as many of those -20 days as you guys do, but I feel your pain. I’ll cross my fingers for lots and lots of votes and will keep on clicking!

  9. Voted on computer 2 5 thumbs up. I hope it helpes.

  10. Haven’t watched NASCAR in a long time, so I can’t say that I have a favorite driver. I voted 5 thumbs up on this computer and am going right now to do the same on the other one. 😉

  11. I voted! Hehe :)… Since I’m not too skein on how this whole knitting thing goes… feel free to send the package to Gracie ;), lol!

    I would have to say my all time favorite driver(s) are the Gordon’s (did I spell that correctly?) ;). Gotta love them! =D

  12. I voted 5 thumbs up. I don’t have a favorite driver but I love the black rainbow yarn so here I am 🙂

  13. I’ll be honest… I know absolutely nothing about NASCAR so I can’t say who my fav driver is, but I did go vote for Scott’s video. It reminded me once again that I couldn’t survive up north! Go Scott Go!

  14. I’m not a Nascar fan, but I voted 5 thumbs for your husband. 🙂

  15. voted! How interesting. I never knew a thing about nascar until my husband got a driving gift for his 40th. We did the Richard Petty school at the MI speedway last June…it was great fun for him! Good luck to your man!

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