…and then there were two.

Posts, that is. Two posts. Almost in a row. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Except, “Thank you!” to everyone who stopped by and especially those who took a moment to comment. I have been lame about commenting on others’ blogs; I have repented and will mend my ways because it’s always WONDERFUL to see comments show up and know for certain that people are dropping by (there’s really no way of knowing for sure if they’ve read my babbling.) Even so, I will do my best to be more of a commenter from now on and you all know who you are.


I’ve been spinning for almost four years, if my old blog is to be believed. Here’s a little blurb from that blog, dated June 13, 2005:

 And finally, here is what I’ve been spending all my time on. I am still totally incompetent. I cannot draft and spin together. Draft. Spin. Draft. Figure out what I did wrong. Join. Spin. Read the instructions. Draft. Toss down in frustration. Spin. Draft…you get the picture. I simply cannot wait until our local fiber fests in August so I can have someone show me how to do this properly.

I never made it to a local fiberfest. I merely spindled on, reading everything about handspindling that I could find. My earliest stuff (still mostly in my possession) is…interesting. And yet, to my surprise, I quickly evolved into something more than a beginning spinner. I discovered that despite all the things in this life that I could not competently perform, I could do this. Well. Quickly. And without anyone else’s assistance or teaching. I can’t explain it. I suppose that some people just have spinning etched in their genes, and I’m one of the fortunate ones.

Or misfortunate, as this passion for spinning has grown to 30+ spindles and two wheels, and would be much, much more save for the fact that a) I can’t afford it and b) where the heck would I put three more wheels? (Yes, I know exactly which three I’d have if I could…)

Which brings me to a scenario that took place a few weeks ago, when I was pawing through the 25 gallon bin where I keep most part of my handspun…the stuff that I haven’t sold (this accounts for roughly 35% of my total spinning output, the rest having gone to live with knitterswholiketoknitwithmyhandspunyarn.) Nick’s gf Miescha (the wonderful young woman who worked for me last summer) was admiring them along with me. And then she had the temerity to say, “If you’re not doing anything with this you ought to sell it!”

Aaaaaaaagh! I clutched the skein in my hand to my heart, feigning deep wounding. Part with my beloved handspun yarn?

Well, it turns out she was right. So I’ve spent the past week or so sorting out the few which I will keep from the multitude which I will attempt to sell. This time I’m putting everything up in Ravelry, I think. We’ll see.

This is almost everything I have spun up right now…I think. I’ve been poking around into drawers and bins and this is what I’ve found. At the top of the photo is a bin full of ‘ready-to-sell’ handspun. Next to it, on the lid and the bin beneath on the right, skeins still waiting to be reskeined, measured, weighed and tagged, made ready to be posted for sale somewhere. On the left in the middle is the basket from the first post. The bucket on the bottom is the 25 gallon bin of which I spoke before. It still contains skeins which will never be sold for one reason or another, and the  bags and bags of miniskeins that I spun from the very beginning through those I sample currently. If I’ve spun it, there’s probably a little bit of it in one of these bags.

more handspun than you can shake a spindle at

The second picture shows the miniskeins in a little more detail. Some I clearly remember the spinning, others I’ve got no clue. But I loved them all…


Meantime, carding and spinning continue unabated. If I could sell a skein an hour, I figure there looks to be at least four days worth…but then just yesterday I took two skeins off the wheels for washing and setting (and another just hours ago!) It continues to amass. This stuff is like crack to me. As I said way back in June of 05 …And finally, here is what I’ve been spending all my time on. Still.


~ by perchance2knit on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “…and then there were two.”

  1. Lots and lots of handspun yarn! 🙂 I need to stop neglecting my poor wheel.

  2. Whoa. When you said you were doing a lot of spinning, I guess you weren’t kidding! It’s lovely, though and there are so many memories in each skein, I’ll bet! (whether you remember those memories or not 🙂

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